About us

Years of experience!

For the last 160 years we have been preserving the tradition of polish porcelain manufacturing while taking care of the beautiful table arrangements of our clients.

We take great pride in our rich history of tableware production going back to 1860. Moreover, we are the only Polish producer of ‘’Fine Bone China” (FBC) – a soft-paste type of porcelain with warm ivory colour and high transparency. During our long experience from 1860 we have developed a wide range of diverse tableware shapes in round, square, rectangular, oval and hexagonal forms, in decorations developed by us or well-known European decal producers. Our products fit the expectations of those customers who love traditional shapes and decorations, as well as very modern designs.
Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality products while satisfying their needs and expectations. Our porcelain meets the strict quality and technical standards specified in Polish norm PN-75/a-12450 ’’Porcelain tableware – requirements and testing” as well as the EU standards regarding health quality as approved by Polish National Institute of Hygiene.
Although our decorated and undecorated tableware marked with ‘KAROLINA’ back stamp and a note ‘‘dishwasher and microwave safe” can be used freely without any limitations regarding the time and manner of washing as well as the used detergents, products decorated with precious metals can be cleaned in dishwashers only under certain conditions.
With appropriate use ensuring compliance with the above-mentioned recommendations, the warranty period for porcelain tableware manufactured by ZPS Karolina is 12 months, guaranteed by the high quality of our decorations as well as glaze type.

Next to hard porcelain, our ‘‘Fine Bone China” (FBC) offer of original and modern shapes in many diverse decorations includes dinner sets, coffee and tea sets, plates sets, kids sets as well as open stock items and fancy goods.

The ‘‘KAROLINA” brand is a guarantee of high quality, convenience and beauty on the tables of our clients.